The Top Ten Dangerous Gangs That We Know Today

When you hear a reference to someone that belongs to a gang, images of violence and brutality tend to come to mind. They are often considered people that are apart from regular society, living on their own by virtue of their ability to do a legal and unscrupulous activities that allow them to function. In this article, we will look at the top ten dangerous gangs that we know of today, and why you might want to stay away from them because of their well-known reputations.

 Top Ten Dangerous Gangs

Cosa Nostra

Located on the lower East side of New York, beginning with those that were part of the initial Italian immigration, they are considered one of the most dangerous gangs and part of the Sicilian Mafia. With over 25,000 members, as well as a quarter million followers worldwide, they are internationally recognized as one of the top crime groups that focuses almost solely upon the distribution of drugs.


Almost everyone has heard of the Crips, an African-American gang that is located in the LA area. Although there are many gangs in Los Angeles, they are recognized as one of the largest crime groups in the world, starting back in 1969. They are known for the blue colors that they wear, and they also wear blue bandannas. With over 30,000 members, they have been associated with drug dealing, robberies and many murders.

Wah Ching

This Asian gang, primarily consisting of Chinese individuals, began back in the 60s around San Francisco. Composed of primarily young men, their primary focus is money laundering and interacting on an illegal basis with businesses in regard to their finances.


Another Asian gang, this one comprised of Japanese individuals, they are thought to have over 100,000 members and operate in many different locations. Little is known about this gang, other than their large size, and their interactions in regard to illegal financing operations.

The Bloods

Often used in association with phrases naming the Crips, the Bloods are another Los Angeles gang that was founded in the early 1970s. Known for their red colors, and also wearing red bandannas, they are actually a diverse group that has individual sets of individuals that work in conjunction with the main group. They are known for their many and signs, the graffiti that they placed throughout Los Angeles, and also illegal activities throughout the state of California making them a definite contributor to the top ten dangerous gangs in the world today.

18th Street Gang

Also known as M18, beginning in Los Angeles, they occupy over 100 cities and have well over 60,000 members. They are rivals of the Bloods and Crips, and will actually show their loyalty to their own gang by allowing them to be on them for about 18 seconds.

Los Zetas

This gang is of Mexican origin, and is regarded as one of the top drug cartels worldwide. They are actually in Mexico, and 11 states in the United States, controlling a large territory that primarily sell drugs that originate from Mexico.

Aryan Brotherhood

Also known as AB, they have the notoriety of being responsible for one quarter of all prison murders that occur in the US. The only way to join their group is to murder someone else that they personally do not like. They have about 20,000 members that are either outside of prison, or serving time.

Latin Kings

Although this group originated back in Chicago back in the 1940s, it is still going strong consisting of many Puerto Rican and Mexican individuals. Although they are typically not as violent as other gangs, they do partake in contract killings and will launder money illegally as well.

Mara Salvatrucha

MS-13 as they are commonly referred to is a very deadly gang that also has its origins in California area they have over 70,000 members, and because of their brutal reputation, it makes many of the other gangs that simply sell drugs to be beginners. That is because they do human trafficking, assaults, contract killings, and not only sell drugs but do black-market gun sales. They have been known to kill both women and children, seemingly having no regard for life or the feelings of others that they harm, which makes them a top contender for the first position of the top ten dangerous gangs in the world right now.

Hopefully this overview of the many gangs that are functioning today will motivate you to perhaps stay away from these groups. If you are fortunate enough to not live in areas where these individuals conduct their activities, it will probably be a positive aspect of your life. Click here to read more interesting lists.

What is Boko Haram?

How to follow and keep religious practices and traditions in an increasingly modern world has always been a hotly debated topic. It has spurred talks, negotiations, speeches and a whole lot of other things from and for the people concerned. However, while these are usually conducted peacefully, some people take things too far. One such example is the Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad, known more commonly as Boko Haram.

But what is boko haram? What does it mean? It comes from words meaning ‘fraud’ and ‘forbidden’. Loosely translated, it can mean ‘False education is a sin’ or ‘Non-Moslem teachings are forbidden’. It is classified as a terrorist organization based in Northeastern Nigeria which aims to establish a ‘pure Islamic state’ in Nigeria, one which is ruled by sharia courts and is uninfluenced by what they deem ‘western teachings’. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg and it doesn’t really answer the question ‘what is boko haram?

A deeper look shows that the organization was officially founded by Mohammed Yusuf on 2002 in the capital of the northeastern state of Borno, Maiduguri. During that time, it aimed to establish a sharia government only in that area. And as to what is boko haram, we need to know what they do and how they operate.

For 7 years, though their numbers grew steadily, the group conducted their operations more or less peacefully – establishing schools and small camps in the region, recruiting new members and speaking out against corruption.

At the year 2009, reports of Boko Haram activities were becoming increasingly violent and frequent. The government of Nigeria, however, reportedly ignored warnings about this until an incident in July where around 1000 people were killed. The incident was sparked off with the refusal of some Boko Haram members to follow a motorcycle law concerning helmets. For 5 days, there were attacks on several areas including Bauchi, Maiduguri, Potiskum, and Wudil until its leader, Yusuf, was executed on July 30. For a while after that, Boko Haram seemed to be ‘finished’ and there was no further activity on its part.

However, if it was indeed finished, then nobody would now be interested in asking ‘what is boko haram?’ In fact, on September 7, 2010, there was a prison break in Bauchi city where more than 700 prisoners were freed by around 50 gunmen who were suspected to be Boko Haram members. It was in 2011, however, when the group carried out its first attack since the death of Yusuf. Abubakar Shekau, a former deputy of Yusuf, is said to have taken control of the group since then.

From then on out, their activity has only broadened in range, carrying out bombings and assassinations from Maiduguri to Abuja. By 2013, analysts saw an increasing influence of al-Qaeda in Boko Haram’s activities. From military, police and political groups, they started targeting civilians as well, including banks, schools and churches. They also conducted assassinations of political figures, as well as prominent Islamic clerics. Suicide attacks and bombings were also becoming increasingly frequent.

While the group maintains religious reasons for their actions, those very actions are often criticized for being non-Islamic. Indeed, since Yusuf’s death, a lot of the supposed members seem to be part of offshoots of the main group, with them only stating that they are a part of Boko Haram (this led to the group being classified as a diffuse group, with no clear chain of command).

Contrary to their supposed reasons, however, analysts say that the group’s ideology is rooted in problems with the social inequality and poor governance in Nigeria. Police brutality and corruption did not help either. Due to this, many members came from the unemployed who joined in the hopes of getting a better life in the ‘pure Islamic’ Nigeria. This has led a lot to believe that the group can only be fully suppressed if the social issues behind them are addressed.

Knowing the reasons behind their actions seem unimportant to most, but that is also a key in understanding and answering the question ‘what is book haram?’

Best Places to Travel in Malaysia

Malaysia is a very diverse country. In terms of geography, it has a peninsula and an island. In terms of biodiversity, it contains an estimated 20% of the world’s animal species and two-thirds of it is covered in forests some believed to be 130 million years old. In terms of culture, Malaysia offers a lot as well, being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society which has influences from its indigenous tribes: the Malays, Chinese, Indian, British, Arabic, and others. Its numerous sites have made it an increasingly popular tourist destination. However, so as to not miss what it can offer, there are places tagged as the best places to travel in Malaysia.

For people who prefer the sea breeze and enjoy the open beaches and the oceans, Langkawi is not to be missed. Off the coast of Kedah, Langkawi is a beautiful archipelago composed of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. With white sands, clear waters and limestone cliffs, it’s easy to forget the world’s troubles here. More than that, it also has a rainforest, mangroves, an underwater aquarium and Gondola rides up the mountain where one can see the splendor of the islands in their fullest. Despite the tourism, though, a lot of people there are farmers, fishermen and local folks. You can experience the local culture as you pass the small villages and hear the tragic legend of the island about love, jealousy and a curse that spanned seven generations.

Some people prefer the city life and it’s urban, modern attractions. For them, the Petronas Twin towers are a sight to behold. Deemed “majestic at day and dazzling by night”, the 88-floor towers are still the highest twin towers in the world, with a sky bridge between the 41st and 42nd floor. This is definitely one of the best places to travel in Malaysia if you’re in the city.

Those with a love of nature and a taste for adventure will also find a place to be in here in Mulu National Park. Home to the biggest network of underground caves in the world, it boasts of underground chambers big enough to accommodate 40 airplanes. Some of its caves also house millions of bats that come out for food every evening in a spectacular display.

The same people can dare brave the heights of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Borneo. It houses a diverse collection of species and the main peak can be climbed easily, though a guide is required at all times. The view makes it worth it as one of the best places to travel in Malaysia.

Scholars and those with curiosity and cultural appreciation shouldn’t miss the Batu caves. One of the best places to travel in Malaysia,it’s a popular tourist attraction in Selangor which is the site of a Hindu temple and shrine. It has 3 main caves where monkeys are about and is a popular place where you can rock-climb. It has paintings in the caves as well, but the most popular attraction is easily the large statue of a Hindu God at the entrance.

There is also the Sarawak Cultural Village, dubbed “The Living Museum” where you can see about 150 people living their daily lives, showing how the local people live. The people there are more than willing to answer questions, so it’s also a good place to be introduced to the local culture.

There are a lot more beautiful places to be in Malaysia and perhaps pretty soon, these destinations will be even more popular for tourists- after all, these are the best places to travel in Malaysia.

How to get your Ex back?

Your ex has just called it quits. You can hardly finish a second without thinking of where they are and what they could be doing were you still together. Every time your telephone rings, you scamper to receive it with the hope that it could be him or her calling to say they are coming back. Maybe you were the cause of the breakup: maybe not. Fear not, because there is a way of bring your ex back to your life and complete the loneliness that is killing you. Here is the most factual way of bringing back your ex.

How to get your Ex back?


Your relationship may be over, but you still need your ex back. Accept that the choice of your ex coming back to you lies with them. Prepare for any eventuality, just in case it backfires. You should first reflect on what went wrong and how it can be fixed. Fearing to make an attempt is the only sure way of failing to bring them back.


Understanding all the events that led to the break-up is imperative in formulating a formula to bring your ex back. Evaluate your contribution to the break up without necessarily looking at your partner’s contribution. Realizing what went wrong strengthens the relationship and works against the recurrence of such mistakes in future.  Find out if they are still interested in the relationship. If they still care for you, they will appreciate the reconciliation and come back to you.


You should take a break of about two weeks before meeting your ex. Take some time to cool down so that you can approach the whole problem with full sobriety. This time will help you understand if you mean anything to your ex. Communicate to them with respect if they call or send you messages. Never make a mistake of ignoring their calls and text messages, as this will push them further from you. They expect a positive response from you.

Confidence and Organization

Approach the whole issue with confidence and communicate with your ex maturely. Do not worsen the situation by sending those letters, gifts, making incessant calls or even giving them impromptu visits. This is one way of announcing your desperation! No one wishes to deal with a desperate person. Do not try to bribe them back into your life. Get organized and concentrate more on improving your life and Appearance. Winning back your ex depends on your preparedness and knowledge of what you intend to do. There are actions that can make everything better and others that push them miles away from your heart. Do not fear trying out, you could be a few days away from winning him or her back!

Best Places to Travel in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent on the planet covering over 11 million square miles and has nearly every type of environment known to man.  Therefore, visitors face the choice of not what can they do, but what do they want to do first?


The ancient civilisation of Egypt grew up around the Nile River from Prehistoric times and has produced some of the most memorable monuments and names of any culture.  Chief among them are the Pyramids of Giza, near the modern capital of Cairo.  Sitting on a plateau, the Giza Necropolis is the site of three pyramid complexes as well as the elusive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx.  There are also cemeteries and a workers village.

How to Get There: travel to Cairo and then the site can be reached using the metro to Giza Station; buses travel from the city or a taxi can be taken.


Victoria Fall is a waterfall that lies on the Zambezi River along the border between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.  It is the largest waterfall in the world based on width and height and produces the world’s largest sheet of water.  It is twice the height of Niagara Falls and twice the width of the Horseshoe Falls.  People have visited the site for as long as man has been in the area, with stone artefact found from 3 million years ago.  The first European to see the falls was David Livingstone in 1855.

How to Get There: two-thirds of the Falls are on the Zambian side of the border, as well as Livingstone Island, where Livingstone first viewed it from.  Trains come to the Falls from both sides of the falls and there is a direct road route from Bulawayo but it isn’t in the best condition.


Kenya is one of the traditional sites for safari, though there are plenty of other options across the continent.  The decision of which site to visit is reliant on what the traveller wishes to see and experience.  For example, Dodori National Reserve is renowned for its diverse bird species, including pelicans, as well as lion, giraffe and hippo.  Hell’s Gate National Park has extinct volcanoes and natural steam vents as well as features made from obsidian making it a rock-climbers haven as well as being known for wildlife such as buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard and even cheetah.

How to Get There: depends on which location selected; Kenya Airways are the national airline and the country has four international airports, including Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi.  Once in country, it may be worth considering an organised guide as roads are not always great quality and buses can be unreliable.

City Break

Cape Town is consistently voted the best city to visit in South Africa and is the second most populous city in the country after Johannesburg.  It is famous for its harbour as well as being overlooked by Table Mountain, which is part of the national park of the same name.  The city is also known for its beaches that are known for their individual character as well as being within a short distance of each other.  For shopping, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront has hundreds of shops as well as being the site of the Two Oceans Aquarium.

How to Get There: Cape Town International Airport is a domestic and international airport and the second largest in the country.  There is a Metrorail commuter service around the city, which has 96 stops, as well as bus services travelling throughout the metropolitan area.

Best Places to Travel in South Africa

South Africa is a paradise to adventure lovers and people who appreciate the beauty of life. Visiting South Africa remains one of the dreams of many people in the world. Special features ranging from the beautiful landscapes to historical sites, makes South Africa the best place to be. To enjoy your visit, it is imperative to know the best places that must be on your “place to visit” list. This article discusses the best places to Travel in South Africa.

South Africa

1. The Robben Island in Cape Town

Robben Island is the store of South Africa’s political history and heritage. It is home to the Robben Island prison that housed the anti-apartheid heroes including the founding Father of the nation, Nelson Mandela .The Island also serves as a UNESCO world heritage site. At some point in history, Robben Island served as leper colony, facility for the mentally handicapped and a training base for defense forces.

Traveling to this place will help you relate with the suffering of Africans and the independence icons during the oppressive apartheid era.

2. Table mountain in Cape Town

This is a mountain with a flat top situated next to the Cape Town. When traveling in South Africa, enjoy the beauty of this unique mountain by hiking to its top. Once you reach on mountaintop, you will be able to view of all of Cape Town’s radiance clearly. The sea breeze will make you feel fresh and reduce the hiking fatigue you can alternatively ride in the available cable car to the summit of the mountain.

3. The Garden Route in Oudtshoorn

Another interesting place to travel to in South Africa is oudtshoorn where the garden route is located. This route begins from Mossel Bay to the storms river. Walking through this route is very marvelous and enjoyable. It will accord you a chance of visiting the ten nature reserves and then the marine reserves. Along the garden route, you will encounter different species of birds, dolphins, reefs seals and more. You will also see the bays like the Plettenberg bay where whales come for calving.

4. The Kruger National Park in Phalaborwa

Phalaborwa boasts of true nature with the presence of Kruger National park, which is the largest reserve in South Africa. The adversity of flora and fauna leaves you with a real touch and encounter with nature. It is one of the unique places that will make you come for more. Traveling to Phalaborwa is not only enriching but also refreshing given that historians shall also visit the archaeological sites like Thulamela and Masorini.

5. The cradle of humankind at Krugersdop

Krugersdop is 50 km from Johannesburg. It is home to caves that served as homes to early man. Archeologists discovered the remains of fossils signifying the origin of early man. One of the common skulls found in these places is a 2 million year old skull and skeleton aged more than 3 million years, evidence that it is the home of the earliest man.